Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've had this blog account for almost four years and have never sat down to actually blog about anything. What have I been doing for four years? We'll that's easy...working as a legal secretary, being married, watching Heroes, reading lots of books and over the course of the last year I've started writing again.

Last September while doing a late, spring cleaning I stumbled upon a sealed box marked "Personal Crap/Junk" Inside I found old CD's, photo albums, old notebooks and all of the junk from my old desk. Going through the notebook I found a short story I wrote during a rainy Saturday night with nothing to do.

At the time I was living in my first apartment. It was a small little studio apartment but it was mine. All I had was a bed, a hand me down couch, a book case full of encyclopedias and a small alarm clock radio. My car was acting up, again. My friends were busy with their boyfriends while I was single, again.

I have always been a big reader and when nothing was available to read, I wrote for my own entertainment. So there I was with a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of wine and a spiral notebook.  That night I sat on my bed and wrote "For the Love of Rock and Roll". Re-reading the story almost six years later I realized it could use some major editing. I powered up my laptop and put it together. On my computer the story seemed shorter; it was only six pages long so I started writing. Every chance I had I would sit in front of my computer and add a little bit more.

After a month my friends started to ask me what I was up to. When I shared that I was writing they encouraged me to continue.  Two of them have started to read portions of my now 44,000+ word, 198 page long story. They also seem to have positive feedback on it.

So that is where I stand now, trying to put the finishing touches to my story so I can have an editor take a look at it. After that I want to finish a few other stories I have been working on in between. It looks like For the Love of Rock and Roll is going to be a series of at least 4 stories. I already have the outlines done for parts two and three and have a pretty good idea what the fourth one will be.

I will be posting updates of my progress here so check up on me in a few days. I'll let you know how it's going.