Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Here are Thirteen of best books I have read over the last year:

13.  Unmasked by Paige Tyler
I posted a review about this one a few months ago.  Loved it.  Ms. Tyler can do no wrong in my eyes.

12. The Lovely Kittengirls of Mew Orleands by G.G. Royale
Original concept for a story.  Loved the characters.  I started reading the second one but haven't had a chance to finish it but Ms. Royale doesn't disappoint, it's as hot as the first one. 

11. When Angels Fall by Lena Matthews
 Find out what happens when an Alpha male gets tired of his girls passive bedroom behavior and insecurities.  Great read!

10. Happily Even After by Lena Matthews
Ms. Matthews was the one to turn me on to I/R stories and I love her for that.

9. Tempted by Megan Hart
Hot, sexy and heart wrenching at the same time. I read the book in an 8 hour sitting then went back and re-read it the next day to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Too good to put down.  I laughed and cried on this book.

8. Coming Undone by Lauren Dane (Book 2 of the Brown siblings series) Great follow up to Laid Bare.

7. Inside Out by Lauren Dane (Book 3 of the Brown siblings series) 

6. Truly Scrumptious by R.G. Alexander
3 hot chefs, 1 lady with a unique name, lots of sharing and the best use of icing I've read.  Will have your toes curling.

5. Wrapped Around Your Finger by Fallon Blake
Loved, loved, loved, this one.  Great combination of my favorites: erotic romance, BDSM and cooking.  Check out my review on Good Reads.

4. The Geek Next Door by Lauren Fraser (geeks and nerds need love too!)

3. Her Boyfriend's Boyfriend by Cheryl Dragon (hot M/F/M-poly erotic romance)

2. Ink Spots by Lissa Matthews
If you like your Hero's sexy, covered in ink and some piercings, this book and the rest in the series are for you!

1. Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn (see notes on # 2)
This was scorchingly hot! ps: if you are going to wiki the piercings mentioned in this book make sure you are not at work and there are no minors around...

And just for a teaser here is a Thursday Hottie:


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Once Lovers

Hi ladies and gents.... I hope everyone is having a a great first week of the new year.  

I've been busy at work but have been getting some writing done and wanted to share with you a rough draft of the prologue to "Once Lovers", a short story I'm working on. 

Let me know what you think...

               With her feet cemented to the floor Robyn McMahon was left with no other option than to watch from the door in complete disbelief what was going on in the corner of the bar.  Through the sea of people and the dim lights Robyn knew for a fact that the man running his hands all over a busty blonde in a tiny red shirt was none other than Geo, her fiancĂ©.  The tinge of tears burned in Robyn’s eyes but she remained strong waiting to see when Geo would remember he had asked her to show up to the going away party his friends put together.  

Robyn told him she would try to make it but reminded him she was studying for her Physics final.  When he arrived from his leave unannounced five days ago, Robyn ended up breaking every study group she had set up.  With two days left she needed to go over as much as she could in order to get passing grade in the course.  

Her roommate, Kelly had plucked the textbook Robyn had been reading out of her hands and forced her to get dressed for the party.  Although she originally wasn’t going to show up, Robyn was now glad she had.  If not she wouldn’t have found out what kind of man she was getting ready to marry.

At one time in her life Robyn thought she had known everything there was to know about George Ramirez.  They had lived next door to each other since the age of fifteen, and he had been her first crush, her first kiss, her first boyfriend, her first lover.  For seven years he had been her everything and now watching him fondle another woman Robyn knew that he was her first heartbreak as well.  

Anger lit Robyn’s eyes as Geo nibbled on the other woman’s neck and his hands wrapped around her slender waist.  The woman in return pressed her oversized breasts against her undersized shirt and rubbed against Geo like a cat in heat.  Heaviness settled in Robyn’s chest and she was no longer able to contain the rage making her legs become mobile once again. 

Over the loud rock music Robyn heard a male voice call out to her but she kept forward, her eyes still glued on Geo and the little tramp.  She still wasn’t sure how things would go when she confronted Geo, but Robyn was good at playing things by ear.  She made it no more than five steps forward when a strong arm came around her, pulling her to the side nearly causing her to stumble over.  

Steadying herself Robyn recognized the man that had stopped her.  His name was Kent Parker and he was one of Geo’s Army buddies.  Kent had tagged along with Geo during their leave claiming he had always wanted to visit South Florida.

“So nice of you to join us Princess, I thought you were studying tonight?” he asked with a sarcastic tone.  Since his arrival, Kent had made it his business to somehow get on her last nerve making snide comments about Geo spending too much time with her.  What was too much for him was not enough her.  The last time Geo was home was six months ago when he had proposed. 

“I took a break to come for Geo.  He asked me to,” she told him lifting her chin in defiance.  She wasn’t going to let Kent get to her.  

Kent lowered his head to reach her five foot seven frame, “Are you sure? Because it looks like you’re not the only one here for him,” his voice loaded with mockery as he pointed to Geo and the blonde.  

Robyn pressed her lips together in anger.  It was enough she had witnessed her fiancĂ©'s betrayal, she didn’t need his buddy rubbing it in.  “Get out of my way Kent!” she fought hard to keep the tears from falling.  

Kent tightened his grip on her forearm, “Listen sweetheart, I hate to break it to you but it’s the truth.  Why don’t you go back to your books and let the man be a man…”

She didn’t let him finish his words.  Pushing away and out of his grasp Robyn slapped Kent’s face as hard as she could.  Her slim hand contacted hard muscle.  It should have felt good to hit him, instead Robyn felt worse.  The pain in her chest erupted and so did the tears...
(c) 2011 - Once Lovers by Ria Cruz  

FYI.... This was my inspiration for Geo.