Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unmasked by Paige Tyler - Review

I’ve read several books by author Paige Tyler and have never been disappointed.  Her writing makes you feel like you’re in the same room with the characters and that is never a bad thing.  A little bondage, lots of spankings and what do you get?  A night full of fantasies if you ask me.  Last night I started and finished Unmasked and I have to say, Ms. Tyler you have done it again!

Tabitha Buckley works in the marketing department of a record label.  The object of her desire, Robert, is in A&R.  When Tabitha’s friend gets them both invited to the hottest Halloween costume party and knowing that Robert will be attending and in what costume, the Phantom of Venice, it’s an offer they can’t refuse.  Little did they know upon arriving to the party that it was more then punch and h'orderves they were serving up.  A spanking party to titillate the senses.  Having being spanked before, Tabitha is game but when more than one man shows up in the same costume as Robert means she has to approach each one.  By the time Phantom #3 comes around and gives her the spanking of a lifetime Tabitha is sure she has found the right one.  With a great twist at the end, Unmasked had me on the edge of my seat, not only in anticipation but I was sure I could feel every hand going down on Tabitha’s backside.  

If you’ve never read anything by Paige Tyler you should.  A few other good reads from this author are:  Good Cop, Bad Girl; Mr. Right-Now and Caught Red-Handed (a free read)

Character Bios

I've been so engrossed with editing that I finally had a chance to do some new writing last night.  With no editing and no add-ons I had complete creative freedom on where the story was going.

It felt good to create a new world and new characters.  I like this process as I'm able create them from the inside out.  From strengths and weaknesses to hair color, height and tone of voice.

Some of my favorite characters have inspiring backgrounds, others you wish you'd never met in the middle of  a lonely street corner after dark and others you want to smack and say "Wake up and smell the coffee because what you want is right in front of you but not for long..." but overall they all have a spot in my heart.

My favorite character to date would have to be Rachel Avila.  She is a 28 year old freelance journalist from Boston. Growing up she was a tomboy mostly because she was raised by her widower father.  Rachel has a fraternal twin brother Raymond.  Physically she is tall, curvy, long wavy hair and if anyone could play her in a movie it would have to be Rosario Dawson.  Characteristically she is a good friend with a big heart but she was in an abuse relationship that left her emotionally scarred. Her weaknesses include Thai food, whiskey and hunky musicians. 

When Rachel is given the once in a life time opportunity to take the most sought after interview in the music industry will she be able to look past the fact that her abusive ex Noah is to be the replacement drummer for the band??? Or that Tony the lead singer has been the object of her fantasies for years???