Friday, September 02, 2011

Reading, Writing and Trying to get healthy....

Hi there ladies and the few gents that come around.  If you've been following my blog you've probably noticed that once again I haven't posted in a while besides the weekly Waiting on Wednesday posts.  I'm still working my contest submission and on a short for new project I am working on with a close friend.  I will post more details on that once everything is confirmed.  In the mean time I've read a few more books and have been, as the title of this blog mentions, getting healthy.

How many of us have made a New Year resolution to get healthy? Maybe you want to join a gym, eat healthy, stop smoking, etc.   For many of us it is easier said than done. Personally I’m guilty of making all of the above resolutions and never sticking to them, falling off the wagon a week or in some occasions only days later, giving into temptation once and never picking up where I left off.  This year however I did not make any resolutions.  I figured I never stuck with any of them why start now? 

But you know, I did want to get healthy and not just saying it, so I took matters into my own hands.  Who else would do it if not me?  Obviously the pounds weren’t coming off by themselves so I had to do something and to tell you the truth it’s been hard and expensive but I am finally seeing results.

I started slowly and little by little eliminated one bad thing at time from my diet.  First, I cut out whole milk and gradually moved down to 1%.  I don’t like the taste of skim so this is as low as I am going.  Red meat was cut down to once a week as well and this is hard for me.  I love a good steak but as the saying goes everything in moderation.  My red meat fix was met on a Friday or Saturday night and usually where dancing would be involved after to help process it a little faster.  Sushi, which I love and is healthy if eaten in small amounts, was also reduced to once a week.  Fried foods were avoided and again only once a week or none at all.  I replaced white rice with brown rice and the little soda I was drinking (I cut that out a few years ago) has been completely eliminated and my water intake has increased 50%.  More veggies and fruits have been added to my daily meals as well.  What has also helped was doing  a complete cleaning of the junk/bad foods from my house.  No longer do I keep sugary cereals, white bread, white rice, sugar, vegetable oil and several other things that were an easy go to for a meal.  Like I mentioned before, eating healthy isn't cheap but its a sacrifice for my and my family's health that I am willing to make.

In my next post, along with a small snippet I'm working for you guys, I will talk about the exercise schedule I'm on. Until then happy reading and hope everyone has a fun and safe long Labor Day weekend.

Ria Cruz