Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted here, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

Never Enough by Lauren Dane
Expected publication: September 1st 2011

From Goodreads:


Gillian Forrester spent most of her life running from who and what she came from. Until Miles came along. From the moment she held the tiny newborn her older sister didn't want, Gillian stopped running and began to build a life for herself and her adopted son. Now, thirteen years later, as Gillian's sister lay dying, she reveals the father's identity and makes Gillian promise to find him.

Adrian Brown is the epitome of the successful rock star. He's seen and done it all, with few regrets. It takes a lot to shock him but the bombshell that he has a thirteen-year-old son rocks his world. And Adrian is even more surprised when the buttoned-up, elegant woman who's raising Miles snags his erotic and romantic attention.

The last thing Gillian expected was to find herself getting hot and heavy with a person like Adrian. But as much as she wants to open up and give herself fully to this amazing man, she's afraid the secrets of her past and Adrian's problems with trusting people may keep them apart for good. If love isn't enough can they find the trust they need?

Fetish Birthday Party

Hi Ladies and Gents,

I just got back in from a five day camping trip and full of ideas for new stories and additions to a few of the stories that I have in progress but as promised I'm posting the next installment of my Fetish Birthday Party story.... Hope you enjoy: Festish Birthday Party


Monday, May 09, 2011

Reader Request...

First and foremost I would like to wish all the mothers a happy belated Mother's day.  I hope everyone of you a wonderful, marvelous, stress free day.  If moms weren't around this world would be disastrous.  I know I would have never done my homework or chores without mom nagging me. LOL :)

I've been reading and writing a ton.  If you are following my Book Challenge from you will see that I've already read 69 books since January 1, 2011 and I'm three quarters done with book # 70.  After this book I'm taking a reading break and getting some serious writing done.  Since my move into the new house two months ago there has been very little writing going on.  I've created the outline for one story and some filler for another but nothing I would call substantial writing.  I have tons of ideas jumping around and screaming in my head to get out and they will all have their chance very soon.

On that note, I have received a request to write a soap opera style story for my blog and I've decided to do this with my Fetish Birthday Party story.  Chapter 1 is available for reading in my last post and I will posting again before the end of the week.  I don't think I will be able to post daily but weekly is completely doable with my schedule.

If you would like to receive e-mail whenever I update the posts please send me a message to riacruzauthor @ gmail . com (without the spaces) I will add you to the mailing list.

Ria Cruz