Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Runner's High

I finished my short story, Runner's High last night. It's about two friends, Jason and Kimberly, who share a drunken kiss at a friend's wedding and expect their friendship to remain intact. But when Jason agrees to join Kimberly at the park things go from friendly to frisky. The entire story is told from Jason's POV.

I've just submitted the short to an author who is requesting short stories to be published on her newsletter. If my story gets chosen I will post a link to her site.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Writing, Old Writing

I am supposed to be finishing my manuscript but I have not taken any time to do so. Instead I have been writing an outline for a short story. It's been beating at my head since last week and I had to put it together.

Tomorrows is Good Friday and have the day off from my one and only paying job. I'm going to remain indoors all weekend and not answering my door or phone for anyone or sneak off to the beach to enjoy what is sure to be another beautiful day in Miami.

I really want to get this done. My friends have been so supportive of my lack of a social life over the last couple of months. Thank you for understanding what I am going through. I promise when we finally do go out the first round is one me.