Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Sample of WIP

Hiya ladies and gents.  I just wanted to share a quick clip of something I'm working on.

Reaching yet another voice-mail message Gabriela Sophia Lopez or Gabby as she was better known to her friends was ready to spit fire.   It was impossible to rely on her girlfriends.  So much for workout buddies.  So far this was the second Saturday they had cancelled on her.  Knowing both Cassandra and Lupe since the freshman year in high school Gabby would bet good money they were out all night partying and were now crashing until noon.    

“Must be nice,” she said to no one but herself.  iPhone, headphones and keys in one hand she opened the heavy glass door with a twist and pull, a cool blast of air hit her as she stepped into the large room.  

Waving hello to a few regulars she recognized on stationary bikes Gabby walked past the elliptical machines and straight towards her preferred treadmill, third row center, with the best view of the basketball and tennis courts, thankfully it was empty.   

Saturday mornings brought out the guys playing a good old fashioned “shirts vs. skins” game.  Her favorite.   Until she started working out in the Shadow Palms Fitness Center a few months ago, Gabby never knew she had so many hunky neighbors.  Her girlfriends had no idea what they were missing...

(c) 2012 Ria Cruz

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